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Prefect Team

Each year a number of Sixth Year students are selected to act as Prefects. The students are selected by means of interview and a voting process among the teachers. Prefects are required and expected to show leadership qualities in the school by promoting excellence in all areas – behaviour, attendance, academic performance and personal presentation. In effect they must “Lead by example.” Prefects assist with and represent the school at several events during the school year.

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The Prefect Team for 2023 - 2024

Head Boy: Jamie Cullen   Head Girl: Anna Miller

Deputy Head Prefects: Luke Hennessy, Julia Dempsey and Tara Lyons


Prefects: Jamie Cahill, Jessica Doran, Áine Dowling, Adam Doyle, Keelan Doyle, Alex Halpin, Rachel Hand, John O'Connor, Danielle O'Driscoll, Annie Sheehan, Ava Sheehan, Alfie White and Beckie Lou White.



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