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Wellbeing comes from physical, mental and emotional health. It's also about understanding your emotions, taking part in different activities, having good relationships and social connections, finding meaning in life and feeling that you're doing well. This section has lots of tips and advice. Some are in the form of videos, others are links and there are also QR Codes and articles. We hope you find what you are looking for. Click this link for our latest wellbeing news.

Why does Wellbeing Mattter?

There are many challenges for teenagers and even more so in this time of a Global Pandemic. Do not feel that you are alone, or that nobody cares. We in Presentation College are proud of our caring staff and students. Video from staff to students There is always somebody to talk to and as the saying goes: "A problem shared, is a problem halved". If you need to speak to somebody then contact either of the School Counsellers Ms Cumiskey or Ms O'Sullivan. You colud also speak to your Year Head or any of the staff.

Wellbeing in Junior Cycle – Webinar

Feel free to access the latest webinar which explains Wellbeing as part of the new Junior Cycle. Wellbeing for All


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Anxiety And Stress


Mental Health


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Wellbeing Video Series - Joanne Hanrahan      


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