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School Policies
Presentation College Carlow has a wide range of policies to cover all aspects of student and school activities. These policies are subject to change without prior notice so please visit this page regularly for updates. 
Policy Documents
Health and Safety Control of COVID-19 Policy for Students Ratified 24.9.2020643.71 KBDownload
Acceptable Use Policy Ratified 7.3.2019622.91 KBDownload
Admissions Policy Ratified 7.9.2020963.40 KBDownload
Anti Bullying Policy Ratified 17.1.2019759.24 KBDownload
Assessment and Reporting Policy Ratified 7.3.2019817.34 KBDownload
Attendance and Participation Policy Ratified 16.1.20201.74 MBDownload
Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment Ratified 20.8.20201.02 MBDownload
Code of Behaviour Ratified 27.9.2018715.88 KBDownload
Covid-19 Response Plan Ratified 20.8.20202.78 MBDownload
Critical Incident Management Policy Ratified 30.4.2020593.77 KBDownload
Data Protection Policy Ratified 27.9.2018898.29 KBDownload
Data Protection Privacy Statement for Parents Ratified 27.9.2018564.68 KBDownload
Dignity at Work Policy and Code of Procedures Ratified 2014525.06 KBDownload
Educational Outings and Tours Policy Ratified 30.4.2020897.54 KBDownload
Health and Safety Policy196.51 KBDownload
Newly Qualified Teacher Induction Policy Ratified 17.1.2019789.86 KBDownload
Non Discrimination Policy4.37 KBDownload
Notification BoM Review of Child Safeguarding Statement 20.8.2020212.70 KBDownload
Privacy Notice for P-POD (JCPA Level 3)712.06 KBDownload
RSE Policy Ratified 22.2.2018618.79 KBDownload
SEN Inclusion Policy Ratified 17.1.2019847.65 KBDownload
SPHE Policy Ratified 22.2.2018658.21 KBDownload
Substance Use Policy Ratified 27.9.2018585.02 KBDownload
Transition Year Admissions Policy Ratified 30.5.2019621.11 KBDownload
Vetting Policy Ratified 30.4.2020754.67 KBDownload
Wellbeing Policy Ratified 30.4.20201.76 MBDownload