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Workshops for First Years

Jan 27 2021




Thank You and Congratulations to our SID Ambassadors Gavin Bradley and Lucy who have been providing workshops for our First Years. This initiative has been very much appreciated by students and their Year Head Ms V Byrne.  




This year, our school is delighted to have two students from Transition Year picked to become Safer Internet Day Ambassadors through the Webwise programme. 


Lucy Gibson and Gavin Bradley from Transition Year are our Safer Internet Day Ambassadors. 


During the month of January, in the run up to Safer Internet Day, Lucy and Gavin attended a virtual training session once a week ran by Webwise and their Youth Advisory Panel. As well as attending these sessions, they met regularly with Mr. Carley who is always on hand to advise them on their plans and suggest how they would integrate these plans into our school. 


Lucy and Gavin also put out a call to all Transition Year students to join the Safer Internet Day Committee. This committee works alongside Lucy and Gavin in helping to ensure Safer Internet Day goes ahead in our school this year whether it be virtual or in person as well as working on competitions, social media and giving their input towards our campaign. 


On Wednesday, 20th January and Tuesday, 26th January 2021, Lucy and Gavin met with all First Year Tutorial classes to deliver a virtual workshop particularly focusing on the theme of 'Managing your Online Wellbeing'. Thank you to Ms. V Byrne, First Year Student Year Head, for working with us on our presentation and allowing us to use her class time. 


We also asked Transition Year Students to answer some questions using MentiMeter during a recent Transition Year Assembly online. Thank you to Ms. Murphy, Transition Year Coordinator, for allocating us the time to do this. 


We have many more activities planned for Safer Internet Day both on Tuesday, 9th February and after. 


Gavin Bradley.

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