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AILO Problem Solving Competition

Jan 25 2021

On Monday 25th January eight students tackled the first round of the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad. This was a two-and-a-half-hour exam which was online and involved attempting to translate unknown languages. Under the watchful eye of Ms Byrne, the students worked through the five languages (which are still top secret) figuring out how each one worked. Presentation College has had one finalist in this competition in the past and who knows we may have another very soon. Congratulations to Asia Aloi, Jake Baker, Oliwier Jakubiec, Damian Korus, Gellert Moravcsik, Hannah Regan, Chloe Ryan and Eoin Walsh who all took part in the competition.  


The pandemic has resulted in a change not only to teaching and learning but also has affected extra-curricular activities. This year we did not get to meet and practice and it is therefore fantastic that these students were willing at short notice to represent their school in this prestigious competition. Thanks to Ms U Byrne for organising and putting the students forward.

The four top students in the individual category of the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad (AILO) are selected to represent Ireland at the International Linguistics Olympiad. IOL 2021 will take place in Ventspils, Latvia 19-23rd July 2021. To see some IOL Puzzles click here. The International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) sees talented young decoders from more than 30 nations pit their wits against each other in the hope of becoming world champions. The week-long Olympiad comprises individual and team contests and students enjoy an active programme of social and cultural events.

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