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A Message from our Head Boy and Head Girl

May 18 2020

Charlie O'Meara and Meadhbh Broderick our Head Boy and Head Girl have written to all the students and staff of Presentation College. 



Hi everyone,

To all students, teachers, staff and anyone else who may be reading this, I hope you all are keeping well, safe and healthy during these crazy and unprecedented times! It is almost unbelievable how abruptly our school year ended, but Meadhbh and I would like to thank every single student for cooperating so well to keep on top of their work and we would also like to say a massive thank you to our teachers, for always being there for us at the drop of a hat! I´m sure every student is extremely grateful for all of your help and guidance during these hectic times!

It has been an incredibly stressful and strange time for us all, so full of uncertainty, however one thing is for sure - we are all in this together. No doubt, we have plenty of new bakers, musicians and even artists out there now! Whatever way you are spending your time, I hope you are keeping safe and following guidelines, as we all have a huge role to play in keeping one another safe.

Over the past six years in Presentation College, I have made some of the best memories of my life with some of the best people! Whether it was watching the teachers attempt to beat the Sixth Years in rounders every Sports Day, or witnessing the stellar lip-syncing performances by our very talented teachers, I think I speak for us all when I say that we have had some great times – unfortunately we have also experienced some very sad  times. This year we lost a dear friend and classmate, MJ - you will be forever in our thoughts and prayers.

To our First Years, we know you didn’t get to experience your first ever Sports Day this year, or the dreaded experience of Summer Exams,  but we still hope you had an amazing first year settling in here, and you still have plenty of fun times, memories, and of course opportunities ahead of you! To all the other Years Groups, we want to wish you all the best of luck with your exams or assignments in these last few weeks, and we hope everybody has a great summer!

To our fellow Sixth Years and friends, all we can say is a huge thank you for being the best group of people to have experienced this incredible journey with. It is hard to believe that our time here in Presentation College has come to such an unconventional end. I still remember walking down the infamous halls here for the first time, and it is crazy how fast the time has flown by! Meadhbh and I want to wish you all the best of luck with whatever you choose to do next year. We know we are all going to go on to do incredible things! It might be the end of a decade for us, but it is also the start of an age!

To our teachers and all the staff, we can´t thank you enough for always being there for us, always being up for a chat or as a shoulder to cry on. I have no doubt you have all helped shape us into the incredible people we have become today, and I know we all can´t thank you enough for everything you have taught us over these last six incredible years!

It is a bittersweet ending for all of us Sixth Years to say the least, however I have no doubt we are all set to head out into the big, wide world as well-rounded individuals!

I hope everyone keeps safe over these next few weeks and hopefully things will return to normal soon enough! It is going to be a difficult few months for all of us, but difficult does not mean impossible!

Thank you,

Charlie O´Meara

Head Boy                   

Head Boy - Speech


Hello everyone,

I certainly never imagined that my last time to address the school community as Head Girl 2019/2020 would be in this manner. The global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus has affected all of our lives, in ways we never thought possible. The greatest of these changes for students have been the closure of schools and the cancellation of this year’s Leaving Certificate exams.

Monday, May 11th marked the end of school for the Leaving Certificate Class of 2020. In 2014, when most of us entered the halls of Presentation College, we felt nervous and anxious about what lay ahead. This was to be a journey filled with both challenges and unforgettable moments.

For many of us this past year has been a difficult one, but it is also one that we will always remember. Although we are now finished on our school journey, let us not forget that not everyone has made it here today. I would like to remember MJ and his family especially at this time and thank everyone who was involved in the school campaign for Darkness into Light this year.

I do not think that any of us could have imagined how our final weeks in Presentation College would unfold. I think we can all agree that the past two months have been tough for everyone, in a variety of ways. We were faced with great uncertainty and stress and a wide range of emotions, but now, as our school time finally comes to an end, we must not let these past few weeks define our whole experience.

Even though we are now moving on, I will always look back on my time in Presentation College with fond memories. It has been my privilege to be involved in our vibrant school community over the past six years. From the School Musicals to Sports Day, there was always an atmosphere of fun and friendship within our school. It is my hope that this will be present in our lives and throughout the school for years to come.

For all of us in the Class of 2020, it is sad that we do not get to experience landmarks such as our last day of school and Graduation together. However, we should be hopeful as we move forward to the next chapter of our lives. We have been fortunate to have been taught under a team of knowledgeable, inspiring and caring teachers. I would like to express my gratitude to all of the teachers and staff who have helped us, taught us and guided us during the past six years in Presentation College. We would not be here, ready to move on to the next stage of our lives without you.

I hope that everyone continues to stay safe and stay well.

Thank you,

Meadhbh Broderick

Head Girl

Head Girl - Speech

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