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School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2017 to 2020

You can view a summary of our school improvement plan for the next three years by clicking the link below.

Download the file here

The PISA 2018 Main Study 

Presentation College received positive feedback in 2020 on its participation in the sample group of 157 schools which were assessed in the national PISA 2018 Main Study. 


PISA, or the Programme for International Student Assessment, is an OECD study that examines the knowledge and skills of students aged fifteen in the areas of Reading Literacy, Science and Mathematics. It also gathers a wide range of contextual information from students, their parents, and school Principals. The sample group of schools for the PISA 2018 Main Study is nationally representative and takes into account structural, demographic and academically relevant characteristics.


PISA Performance Report

The PISA 2018 Main Study School Feedback, as provided by the Educational Research Centre, will prove very valuable and encouraging in our continuing School Self-Evaluation and School Planning processes.