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Learning Support

At Presentation College we have an excellent system of support for students.  


The latest information on Dyslexia can be found on this link:

Dyslexia - Factsheets for Second Level Schools

There will be a Zoom webinar for parents on how to support their student with dyslexia at second level:

Parents' zoom 19th January 2022

Some useful information is available on these links:  Update on digital copies of textbooks 2022   Newsletter 12 Jan 2022


Using an immersive reader can be very beneficial for all students. The following link will be helpful

Teams Accessibility Immersive Reader

Accommodations or Reasonable Accommodations in certified examinations refers to modifications in how a test is administered while not compromising the integrity of the examination system. These may include changes to presentation format, response format, test setting or test timing.

If you feel you might need support, this is the link to find out more information

SEN Inclusion Policy


You may access our Latest SEN News by clicking on the link.