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Online School

This link Student Online Learning January 2021 contains guidance for remote learning for the students of Presentation College. 

Some key points are:

The school timetable will be followed for exam and non-exam subjects for each Year Group. 


Log into your Microsoft 365 account, (including Teams) and SchoolWise account every school day. School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 4pm. 


Log out of your accounts each day when you are finished all your schoolwork. 


Follow guidance of our Acceptable Use Policy. 


Notify your Year Head by email if you are having any difficulty. 


Contact Ms Lowry if you have any technical difficulty with your Microsoft account etc.


Try not to rely on your phone for all your learning. Try to do your work on a computer, laptop or other device if possible.

If you have no device at all and are worried that you cannot engage in remote learning at this time please email your Year Head immediately to let him/her know. The school will try to help you if we can.

You must not take screenshots of others or record any part of the lesson via video or sound.


Respect each other online. 


The Code of Behaviour and relevant school rules continue to apply in online school.