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Guidance Counsellors

In their work as Guidance Counsellors, Ms Marie Cumiskey and Ms Tara O'Sullivan help to assess the strengths and aptitudes of each student, provide information on careers and courses of further studies and provide personal counselling where appropriate.  Many very important choices have to be made throughout secondary school and the Guidance Counsellors help students to develop their decision making skills.  The Guidance Counsellors also help each individual to develop a positive healthy self-image and confidence in their own abilities and talents. Ms Cumiskey and Ms O'Sullivan also help to place students on work experience and arrange Mock-Interviews for Leaving Certificate students. Both Guidance Counsellors are also members of the Junior and Senior Student Care Teams and as such meet students in class and individually. 

Video on Dealing with Stress 

Tools and Resources to help cope with stress - This resource has been made and shared by Ms Cumiskey.


The following resources have been generously provided by Joanne Hanrahan. They are on well-being strategies and also share a bit of her own experience during this crisis. Joanne has worked as a second level guidance counsellor for 16 years. She is ensuring that ALL the videos are relevant to both adult and adolescents. In some cases (e.g. Video 4) Joanne is specifically addressing the Leaving Cert students and she will continue to do LC specific videos regularly.

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