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Prefect Team

Each year a number of Sixth Year students are selected to act as Prefects. The students are selected by means of interview and a voting process among the teachers. Prefects are required and expected to show leadership qualities in the school by promoting excellence in all areas – behaviour, attendance, academic performance and personal presentation. In effect they must “Lead by example.” Prefects assist with and represent the school at several events during the school year.

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The Prefect Team for 2019 - 2020 

Head Boy: Charlie O’ Meara  Head Girl: Meadhbh Broderick

Deputy Head Prefects: Kayleigh Kelly, Amy McDonald and Aoife Mulhall

Prefects: Julie Becherova, Liam Bradley, Daniel Breen, Fiona Butler, Amelia Chodorska, Emma Coffey, Kaitlyn Colton, Ailis Coyne Chapman, Ellen Dempsey, Laura Donovan, Peter Dowling, Luke Drought, Anna Fennell, Alexandra Fortune, Ciara Gaffney, Nikola Glowinska, Meghan Jennings, Corey Kelliher, Neung Kelly, Rachel Kelso, Holly McMahon, Aidan Monaghan, Jessica Murphy Ffrench, Rory O’ Flaherty and Anita Thapa.