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Shoebox Appeal

Jan 21 2020

Ms Ryan along with the students at Presentation College, Carlow took part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal again this year. The TY students had a keen interest in helping out with this project and over 30 students volunteered to help out. Every day over three weeks, five different TY students from our school volunteered at the Team Hope Shoebox appeal collection point in Carlow. Every day they met with the coordinator and she explained what they would be doing for the day. At the collection point, they checked the contents and prepared each of the shoeboxes for delivery around Christmas time. When they first went in, a number of the other volunteers showed them around the unit where all of the shoeboxes in Carlow were being collected. They showed them where each station was with all of the different fillers that came under the different categories. They had to check each shoebox to ensure that each had enough useful items for the young children to use. Some of these items included something to wear - such as a hat or some socks, something for them to use in school - such as pens and a notebook and something to wash with such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. The students felt good about themselves about partaking in this volunteering for such a worthy cause. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for them and they hope to do it again next year. Students from other year groups and staff also assisted through bringing in filled shoeboxes which will make some child's day happier at Christmas.

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